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When looking for the replacement of sash windows, homeowners often experience the same problems of wooden sash windows – stiff sashes, rattling panes, cold single glazing and draughty frames. Tending to deform and stick, old timber sash windows become unusable over time and need replacement. Perfectly suited for older double hung windows, cost-effective replacement services are a great option when hardware or sash needs to be changed. If the windows are beyond repair, replacing or re-installing box sash windows often is the only possible option in order to replicate the original value and features of the property and save elegance and charm of the historic sash windows.


Our experienced manufacturing professionals only employ premium materials in construction ensuring complete customer satisfaction. This extends to the fitting of Cosy-glide and modern draught proofing systems, which virtually eliminate all draughts and rattles and improve the overall appearance of the window. In other words, draught proofing brings sash windows into the modern era. Along with the increased balanced weight system, sash windows are easier and lighter to open and close. Our draught proofing features will save you money on heating bills and whilst preserving the character of your windows.


When delivering sash windows replacement services, we maintain the originality and value of the property and fit replacement double glazed hardwood sash windows. While manufacturing all types of box sash windows, we only use the best quality materials and fittings and keep our service quality without compromising the character of our customer property.

Using the finest quality materials, new sash windows and box frames can be fashioned as required. When replacing your sash windows, we provide:

Easy to use furniture mechanisms.

Restrictors, key locks, polished brass and satin chrome - all of these features are provided when replacing sash windows. When supplying replacement wooden sash windows, we ensure maximum draft and soundproofing as well as energy efficiency and increased levels of security.

Finish & the paint according to your requirements.

Using the newest technologies, all of our windows are factory finished and are decorated using high quality durable paints providing years of maintenance free usage.


All double glazed panels weather plain or patterned, confirm to current Building regulations and standards.

wood material

Made from both softwood and hardwood, timber sash windows are made from timers obtained from sustainable sources. Scheme certification is provided with all installations.


Enjoy cosier house and modern window designs with replacement services!

Both replacement and repair of the windows are viable solutions, however, replacement appears to be more beneficial, because of:

  • Reduced noise pollution.
  • Upgraded level of security.
  • Energy efficient – save up to 30% heat loss!
  • Draught proof efficiency.
  • Smooth opening windows.
  • Handcrafted bespoke sashes.
  • Draught-proofed as standard.
  • Varied glazing options.

Improve the appearance of your property by replacing your sash windows and gain plenty of benefits such as energy saving, soundproofing and added security level to your home!

All replaced sash windows will be guaranteed for X years.


Improve the appearance of your property & entrust your home to safe hands!

Sash windows replacement are a successful investment in one’s home comfort and security. While you are still considering replacing sash windows, it might be beneficial to inspect the requirement through consultation with our specialists.

We constantly strive to keep our prices low. If you are interested in our sash window products and would like to get a free quotation, please fill our contact form or give us call XXXX-XXX-XXXX today!