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When searched for the oldest original windows that are still found in use today, without a doubt it is Georgian sash windows, which counts their era from the 18th century.

Georgian era evokes the style of distinctive six-panel grid design on both top and bottom sash. Presently, while designs became more varied later in the era, the usage of Georgian window style amongst many of England’s historic buildings such as Hampton Court Palace and the Kensington only grew and soon became symbolic and fashionable features not only in the 18th century but also nowadays.

Marked by uniformity and understated classic, Georgian sash windows represent elegance and aesthetics, which supplements charm, authenticity and strong character of one’s house.


With the beginning of the Regency period, The Georgian era has started in 1714 and lasted more than a century. Soon, sash windows in Georgian style became one of the most important visual elements in buildings and replaced from the casement windows. Made from natural wood and other hardwood, Georgian sash windows were externally painted of pale stone or off-white colours and perfectly fitted with the dominant architectural style.

As the usage and availability of natural oak usage increased, Georgian Style Sash Windows design evolved. As the early glazing bars were big and robust, Georgian sash windows evolved by decreasing the width of the glazing bars to ten millimetres wide and making panes thinner.

No one could have argued about the functionality and practicality of sash windows. Not only they were easy to open, but they also allowed quality ventilation performance during the rain and at the same time, keeping rain from entering inside. As well, Georgian sash windows were resistant against moisture damage and its lifespan was considered significantly higher comparing to the previous styles of windows.


Installed in the Georgian style houses, sash windows have the classical arrangement of two six-over-six panel windows, where both existing sashes are made of three panes. While the architecture of Georgian era demanded large windows, the glass technology of the 18th century has limited the maximum size of the panes and split the sashes into smaller areas with astragal bars.  While the upper and lower window slides vertically in separate grooves, both of the sashes are counterbalanced by lead weights on cords, which later have been replaced with springs.

Recognized as an elegant and aesthetic style, Georgian sash windows come mostly from wood material, which added decorative pediments over their sash windows.


Elegance, symmetry and proportion are the main Georgian sash windows style characteristics. Tended to vary in size and shape, wooden sash windows are found extremely popular throughout the history of suburban London and town in the home counties and beyond. What value to sash windows represent?

  • A vintage aesthetic that doesn’t compromise performance

Georgian style windows are known as a key to elegance and authentic character. The beauty of the windows comes along their performance, and so comes our suggested sash windows. Replacing Georgian sash windows with uPVC technologies, we deliver secure, cost-effective and modern performance windows, that became even longer-lasting than ever.

  • Adds charm, authenticity and elegance to one’s home

In order to maintain the quality vintage original look of the windows, it may take hard work to make them look and perform their best. As some Georgian sash windows are over 200 years old, in order to keep their integrity it is advisable to repair or replace them.


Replicating the design and finish of Edwardian, Victorian or Georgian sash windows requires professional experience, knowledge and attentiveness to details. Thanks to our specialists and x years experience, we are able to offer exact-match replacement and refurbishment of sash windows as well as we include exact-match mouldings, glazing bars, and section sizes. Furthermore, our replacement services cover every detail and include other options, such as restoration glass for an uneven look of the original period glass. We are very flexible for our customer needs and requirements!


Entrust your home to safe hands!

Georgian style sash windows replacement are a successful investment in one’s home comfort and security. Whether you are still considering replacing sash windows of the Georgian era, it might be beneficial to inspect the requirement through consultation with our specialists.

We constantly strive to keep our prices low. If you are interested in our sash window products and would like to get a free quotation, please fill our contact form or give us call XXXX-XXX-XXXX today!