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Wooden sash windows continue to be a popular choice for modern homes. According to history, sash windows have replaced the traditional ‘side-hung’ windows and lived the highest peak of its designs in the period of Georgian and Victorian styles. The concept of sash windows seeks the 17th century and is extensively used nowadays, disclosing the beauty and character of the older properties.

Both of these styles have been affected by the technological and industrial advancements of their time. In order to accommodate additional functions and purposes, the classic sash window design has evolved dramatically over the years of the United Kingdom and the new technology has been introduced to improve the original design, efficiency, functionality and quality.

If Georgian style continued on classical style way in their architecture, Victorian sash windows style was improved by advanced manufacturing processes and access to raw materials. The main focus of the Victorian style is the focus on light, ventilation and maximised proportions. As revolutionary steps were being made in the development of British architecture, sash windows continued to be a popular feature of Victorian housing.


As neoclassical architecture remained popular and Victorian-era saw the establishment of the railway and other industrial developments, new opportunities for sash windows design improvement has appeared. Since it has been easier to transfer materials due to the establishment of the railway as well as products could be manufactured on mass due to the developments in machinery, Victorian sash windows continued to gain popularity and have emerged a variety of styles.

Victorian sash windows traditionally had ‘two-over-two-panel’ grid design. Due to machine developments, it became cheaper to produce larger panes windows and various types of glass. Technical developments of sash windows included terracotta, glass, polished granite and iron-frame construction. Manufactured with full mortise and tenon joints, frames were thicker and entire sash could be filled with one sheet of glass. Choosing ‘two-over-two-panel’ allowed more light into the home and provided a clearer view to the outside.

Due to the 19th drastic change of the importation and development of the products, the architecture and construction industry has been impacted. Before the social economic change, sash windows used to be implemented only in the magnificent home. After 19th sash windows began to be replaced as ordinary windows at regular homes across the country and continue to represent Victorian and Georgian architecture till today.


  • Where modern performance meets historic sash style. Sash window replacement services ensure saved quality and excellent standard performance while match details in order to replicate window precisely and maintain its uniqueness and authenticity.
  • Delicate, ornate & decorative design. The glass and timber with the pulling mechanism create a delicate structure. Thanks to the heavier glass panes, Victorian sash windows provided more light inside and better view outside.
  • Larger glass panes & sash horns. This change of sash window style has brought great results: large panes not only allowed more light in but also the additional weight of the larger panes strengthen and reinforced the mortice and tenon joints.
  • Thoroughly detailed & hugely universal hardware options. As the social economy and has changed the industrial advancements has improved, the sash window style and design improved as well, providing a bigger choice of desirable window appearance and hardware.


Specialized in the period sash windows replacement, we provide Victorian, Georgian and Edrawdian sash style window replacement and replicate exact-match replacement and refurbishment of sash windows as well as we include exact-match mouldings, glazing bars, and section sizes. As sash windows have been designed and manufactured in different ways in the past centuries, our technological development allows us to produce better and lighter material for the sash windows today.

We respect the beauty of tradition and we deliver the best solutions, according to windows original design and specification while combining our work with only high-performance materials so that sash windows could last for generations.


Entrust your home windows to safe hands!

Victorian style sash windows replacement are a successful investment in one’s home comfort and security. Whether you are still considering replacing sash windows of the Victorian era, it might be beneficial to inspect the requirement through consultation with our specialists.

We constantly strive to keep our prices low. If you are interested in our sash window products and would like to get a free quotation, please fill our contact form or give us call XXXX-XXX-XXXX today!